Where to get an Apple Mac, iPhone, Apple TV or iPod repaired

Here are our tips for organising to get an Apple product repaired in the UK and Ireland:
  • If your Apple product is less than one year old, it is covered by Apple's standard warranty. You can check the end date of your warranty on Apple's website at this address. Look at the bottom of the page, click on “Check your service & support coverage” and enter your serial number in the box.
  • If you bought AppleCare extended warranty, you will have a longer warranty period of cover than the standard 1 year. For example, with Macs this is extended to 3 years from the date of purchase.
  • If your Mac is not covered by warranty, get a quote before you agree to any repairs. Hardware repairs can be expensive, especially with laptops.
  • Check with the agent about their collection/courier service. They should be able to book a pick-up from your home/office.
  • Get them to give you a realistic date of repair. Some repairs can take one to two weeks if parts need to be ordered in. If you can, be as specific as possible about the issue so that the agent can order parts. This should speed up the process.
  • Get specific: ask for the person's name when booking in a repair and get their e-mail or contact number.
  • You are the customer, so know your rights. The National Consumer Agency of Ireland provide information on your rights.
  • If you are told a repair will take 3 days, that's what it should take. They should phone you back to tell you if it takes longer. Make sure you get good customer service.
  • Let us know your experiences! E-mail us if you have had a good or bad experience with a provider.

AppleCare Ireland and UK

Ireland & UK

Apple Ireland repairs

The most obvious option is Apple themselves. If you purchased a product from the online Apple Store for Ireland, and the product is still under warranty, you can phone them and request a repair. They may suggest that you contact one of the agents listed on this page, but they can also repair the product directly or make the arrangements. If your product is under AppleCare warranty, and you want Apple to handle the repair, make sure you insist on them dealing with it- don't get passed along to someone else if you don't want to. You can choose to have a local agent to do the repairs for you if this is more convenient for you. There should be no difference in the price or quality of the service by going to Apple directly or going to an authorised agent. If a product is under warranty, both Apple and the agent will repair this product under warranty.

The other option is that Apple can have a Mac assessed in your home or your office, or will send a courier to collect the product from you. This is true for any Apple product under warranty, including under standard warranty or the extended AppleCare. Call Apple Ireland on: 1850946191
Check out our update on coverage in Ireland.

In the UK you can take an Apple product to any of the Apple retail stores. We have a list of the stores on this page.

Third-party Repair Centres in Ireland

Check out our “Buying in Ireland” page for a list of third party resellers and repair agents.